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we have all sizes of hookah like QTpetitebambino, khalil, MYA GELATO HOOKAHEIFFELSkeleton hookah, tower in all the colors to provide you the variety and your favourite hookah at an affordable prices
now a days most trending product in longue and bar “hookah” or you can say it a “sheesha” is available at our portal laceitup at the best price and quality we provide all stock at one stop only on laceitup with most trending brands like ‘MYA’

Yes you can say sometimes it dangerous as their are some flavour which contain nicotine but its not all the time as their are herbal flavours


Vape is a pen like product produce smoke by burning the glycerine by its coil. the thickness of the smoke is produced by its vout started with 30 vout to 250 vout have no nicotine flavour contains flavoured product and glycerine only , it can be charge and not contains coal or tobacco and can be charge by any charger.


today’s people are more conscious with their health, which is good.we are trying the same with our products as it is not easy to forgive the cigarettes.why to harm yourself with cigarette ! if their are awesome products which gives more smoke without harming your body parts.